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- CONGRATULATIONS TO TESNI EVANS WR NO 9  & JOEL MAKIN WR NO 24  - COURT WATCH - Is your court closing? Squash Wales are keen to help, contact - SQUASH WALES FINAL DRAFT CALENDAR on the website: Competition > Calendar - TOURNAMENT DATE CHANGE - The Welsh National Closed 2019 is moving dates from 11-13 January to 15-17 March 2019 in the Sport Wales National Centre

Squash Wales Board

CLICK HERE  for the Criteria & Procedures for Board Candidate Selection as a Director including Basic Responsibilities of Board Members

CLICK HERE  for WSRB management Terms of Reference

CLICK HERE  for Articles of Association



Board Role of the National Governing Body of Squash & Racketball in Wales –




 To ensure the best possible experience of every person involved in the sport, by:
  • Setting the Mission and Vision
  • Deciding strategic direction
  • Setting policies and procedures
  • Monitoring performance of the organisation
  • Overseeing the financial management
  • Raising funds
  • Supporting and Advising management
  • Reviewing the Board’s performance





Board Induction Policy

Board Induction Check List

WSRB Staff Structure Chart








Phil Brailey - Chair 

Richard Bennett - Vice Chair
Alan James - Events Rules and Technical Director 
Dave Mason - Corporate & Legal Director 

David Rees - Financial Director

Deborah Barker - Equality Director 
David Thomas - 

Kerry Chown - HR Director 






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