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Review Panel

The purpose of the group is to have a collective review of referee activity periodically and have consideration and input from representation of all aspects of the game, Referee, Player, Governing body.

Formation of group;

Referee Representative - Senior Referee to be selected as required

Governing Body Representative – to be selected as required

Player Representative – to be selected at as required



Terms of reference

The remit for the remit of the group is to;

Consider conduct complaints received which either achieve the level of points that incur an automatic ban, are severe enough to incur an automatic ban or of a serious nature taht requires further action. 

The group made up of representative from each of the areas outlined above will review the conduct complaint(s) received and discuss the severity and intent of the offence.  The group will discuss and agree on a recommendation of action which will be provided to the Squash Wales Management team who will then decide to uphold the recomendation or not.  The group has the authority to recommend more severe action is taken such as legthier bans if it is in the interest of other players and spectators.

The groups aim is to make Squash an enjoyable experience for all concerned and will not tolerate poor conduct in the sport.