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This document explains what criteria a player needs to meet in order to be eligible to represent Wales in European and World tournaments.


1. Squash Wales (SQW) will welcome Junior, Senior or Masters players who wish to exercise a dual-nationality qualification in order to make themselves available for selection for Welsh Junior, Senior or Masters teams.


2. In considering such players, SQW will have regard to, in particular, European Squash Federation (ESF) eligibility requirements. Please see appendix below.


3. Where SQW receives an approach from a dual-nationality player to be considered for one of its squads/teams, the following will apply prior to selection for any squad/team;


a. The player must produce documentary evidence of his or her qualification for Wales by virtue of the Birth Certificate of his or her Parent or his or her citizenship or his or her 4 year residency; and
b. The player must then sign a SQW player commitment form and abide by its terms; and
c. The player must achieve and maintain a Welsh ranking.


4. Where a player achieves selection for a Welsh squad, the player will be expected to relinquish his or her national ranking in the country of his or her birth.


5. Where a player achieves selection for and represents Wales in an ESF recognised international squash team event, that player will be unable to represent his or her country of birth or any other country for 3 years from the date of the relevant event or the last relevant team event in which he or she participates whichever is the later.



ESF eligibility requirements for its team championships which reflect the requirement set down by the World Squash Federation (WSF).


A player should be eligible to represent a country in ESF championships only:

a. If he or she has not represented another country in a recognised international squash team event in any age group in the 36 months preceding the start date; and 
b. If he or she represents:
i. The country of his birth; or
ii. The country of either Parent; or
iii. The country in which he or she is a citizen; or
iv. The country in which he or she has been resident for 4 years immediately preceding the start date.



A properly qualified player who has once represented a country in a recognised international squash team shall be eligible to represent that country thereafter until such time as he or she exercises a qualification to represent another country, thus making him or her no longer eligible under a or b above.