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Squash Wales is currently providing opportunities to raise the standard of Referees in Wales through the provision of courses. Courses cost £150 for unlimited number which includes the first year membership registration free upon qualification. This registration offers many benefits to both the qualified referee and their club (see Benefits of Being Registered) aside from developing knowledge of the rules and how they are applied. For more information on the various levels of qualification and courses provided see the Courses tab.


Squash Wales are working to deliver the Referee Plan which aims to raise the standard and profile of referees in Wales as well as increasing the number of people being educated on the rules of the game. Referee Courses can be run at your club providing you have a room sufficient to seat the appropriate people for 3 hours.The course is fully interactive with video examples of specific decisions.


Contact Roy Gingell with any questions or queries you have regarding refereeing at  Alternatively you can contact the Squash Wales Office on 0300 300 3121.



10 Additional Points for Your Team per Season

Having qualified referees officiating team games at your club could gain your teams 10 additional points per season. Having a qualified referee in charge of a match can improve the quality of a game as players are given clear and confident decisions and greater consistency on the application of the rules. For this clubs can be rewarded with a bonus point.


Bonus point criteria for Season 2018-19


South Wales Premier - N/A


South Wales One - N/A


Other South Wales Leagues - 1 bonus pont for home team only- 2 rubbers to be refereed


Mid Glam & South Glam - 1 bonus pont awarded to both home and away teams -1 rubber each to be refereed


Gwent ,West Glam,Pembrokeshire - 1 bonus point awarded to home team only -1 rubber to be refereed


North East Wales & Eryri do not award bonus points