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- CONGRATULATIONS TO TESNI EVANS WR NO 9  & JOEL MAKIN WR NO 12  - COURT WATCH - Is your court closing? Squash Wales are keen to help, contact - SQUASH WALES CALENDAR on the website: Competition > Calendar 

CW Games

Squash is a highly energetic racquet sport that requires outstanding levels of fitness, combined with a deft touch for precise ball placement within the enclosed field of play.


In this traditionally strong Commonwealth sport, athletes will contest individual Men’s and Women’s Singles events and pair up across Men’s, Women’s and Mixed Doubles competitions, where the width of the court is increased to allow for four players.


Competition will take place at Oxenford Studios. The newly Constructed sound stage 9, regularly used to film Hollywood Blockbusters, will host Squash during the games. This will be the first time the venue will have been used to host sports events. 


Venue: Oxenford Studios, Entertainment Road, Oxenford QLD 4210

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