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Added: 6 August 2019, 14:28


Squash Wales currently have the following vacant board director positions:

  •   Commercial
  •   Equality
  •   Marketing and Communication
  •   Compliance and Governance
  •   Development and participation


It is the aim of Squash Wales Ltd to attract individuals for nomination to the Board of Directors who, if elected, will best serve the interests of the Company and its stakeholders. Prospective directors should be committed to the fulfilment of their responsibilities and duties in line with the Company’s mission statement, vision, strategic plan and delivery.


Certain core criteria and personal skills should be met by all candidates for Board selection, whilst other criteria will need to be met by the board collectively and will therefore be required of individual board members.


Squash Wales would particularly welcome women or people from BAME communities to apply. 


For further information, please follow the below links:


Closing date for entries is the 30th September 2019